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At the recent AMEA / ASA Appraisers Forum, I chatted with two bankers who asked how AMEA appraisers differ from ASA appraisers. Hands-on experience, I replied. For the most part, in addition to serving as appraisers, AMEA members also work as used machinery dealers and industrial auctioneers. This gives them a true market-based perspective on the equipment they appraise.

Regular membership in AMEA requires the individual to be employed full time by a Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) member firm. We talk about buying and selling used machinery and equipment all day long. We invest our own money in it. We look at it every day.

As a result, we know a “good one” from a “bad one”. We know that a Mori Seki is a “good one” and that a Hitachi Seiki is a “not so good one”. We know what we’re looking at, and we know what it’s worth. This hands-on experience makes us more qualified to render opinions of value than those who strictly perform appraisals.

The majority of us buy and sell used metalworking machinery. We are joined by individuals who deal in other equipment such as woodworking, ovens, chemical and food processing equipment, die cast, foundry, and plastics machinery. If we see something we’re unfamiliar with, we know who to call.

In addition, we check comparable values against the right auction reports, and with credible dealers and auctioneers. Just because a dealer sends a comparable quote on a machine for $19,500 doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Further investigation may reveal that it’s been on the market at that price for the last 11 years, that the owner paid $4,200 when it was bought, and that it’s being scrapped next week because no one wants it now. Knowing who to ask to uncover such details is the strength of an AMEA appraiser.

AMEA appraisers know that valuations cannot be based on their experience alone. The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal practice dictates we employ accepted USPAP procedures, including consulting new and used equipment dealers, reviewing catalogs and trade publications, and reviewing current auction reports from credible sources.

AMEA members’ buying and selling experience, overall market perspective, compliance with USPAP, and our involvement in the MDNA are what allow us to offer the most reliable machinery and equipment appraisals.

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