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Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA) AMEA accredits and certifies appraisers of machinery and equipment. Certified appraisers must have a minimum of seven years experience of buying, selling and appraising; accredited appraisers must have at least five. Used Machinery Sales LLC has certified and accredited appraisers on staff, and we have successfully passed the Uniformed Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) test,

The express purpose of the association is to provide a professional appraisal society representing all aspects of the machinery and equipment industries. Actual market experience is a requirement for all appraiser members. The majority of our work utilizes the market approach, as we believe it to be the truest reflection of value in our discipline.

Appraisers who hold a professional designation from ASA are unsurpassed in their fields. They provide the best valuation expertise available in the market today. Consumers can be confident the appraisals they receive from ASA-accredited appraisers will be both reliable and authoritative. In addition, through ASA’s extensive referral system, connecting consumers to ASA-accredited appraisers has never been easier!


MDNA is an international nonprofit trade association, established in 1941 to promote the used machinery industry. Today, MDNA boasts almost 400 members worldwide. If you are a buyer of used machinery or used capital equipment, MDNA is here to assure you of the integrity and reliability of the machinery dealers, auctioneers, and appraisers that make up our association.

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Machinery Valuation Services LLC has two full time Certified Equipment Appraisers on staff to meet all your appraisal needs.

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